Included: free use of blankets, shrink wraps, tapes, dollies, hand trucks, basic tools to do assembly and disassembly, wardrobe boxes. Service included: packing, unpacking, assembling, dissembling, wrapping, moving, truck is included.
Not included: boxes, bubble wraps, if you are moving into a storage or POD, blankets are $15 each and $12 refundable upon return.
Of course, we do! We will bring our moving equipment with us. Please note we may still drive a truck to labor only jobs. Minimum hours and travel time still apply to labor only jobs.
Yes, We have a Minimum Required Fee, but we will inform you upon booking.
Yes, Joy Moving company is fully licensed and insuranced, our license #MTR191621
We will use blankets and shrink wraps to pack your TV for you, you don’t need to get the original box for your TV. Blankets and shrink wraps are included.
Yes, we wrap mattresses by using the plastic shrink wraps. If you are moving to storage we will put extra shrink wraps on your furniture just let us know ahead of time that you are moving into a storage.
We usually start our morning job as early as 8~8:30 am, especially during busy days.
Usually at least 3-4 days are required for a weekend move, and 1-2 days are required for a weekdays move. As long as we have spots available, we can schedule you an appointment. Usually weekends and first days / last days of the month are quite busy. Try to book at least a week before these days. We take many last-minute bookings.
Usually 4:00-6:00 pm is the latest we can start a small job.
This is a general guidance only:

  • Studio / Single bedroom 2-4 hours
  • 2 bedroom 4-6 hours
  • 3 bedroom 5-7 hours
  • 4 bedroom usually takes a full day

This includes some basic Assembling / Disassembling, and wrapping of big furniture. Please do not forget the Garage and Patio. This is for loading and unloading only, plus the travel time.
No, we do not charge extra fees to move regular household items up or down stairs. However, if you have a piano, refrigerator, appliances, heavy exercise equipment, moving with stairs, 3 movers crew is required, and there may be extra charge on moving these items.
We will put runners on your carpet or floor by requests, just simply ask our movers to use them from their truck. These runners are free to use and you don’t have to pay extra. Please note movers are require to wear their shoes when moving due to safety issues, please do not ask our movers to take their shoes off, or wear the shoe wraps, they don’t have a third hand to put on/take off the shoe protector. If you have spare cardboard you may lay them on the floor and type them act just as well as our runners! Same for handle/rail protector, please ask our movers to use blankets to protect your rails if necessary, we have plenty of blankets free to use! If you are concern about the walls getting damaged, please place cardboard to protect the wall prior their move by yourself.
- We understand that things pop up & plans change so we have a no-hassle cancellation policy. - If you need to cancel or change your date or time, you can call or text message us or reply to this email with the request/info. - We’d be happy to adjust the date or time of your appointment, subject to availability. PLEASE GIVE US AS MUCH NOTICE AS POSSIBLE IF THERE ARE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR APPOINTMENT.

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