About us

Joy Moving Company, also known as New Joy Moving Company, has been serving thousands of families in moving since its foundation in the Bay Area in 2013. Joy Moving has firmly adhered to the Three-Winning Idea, that is Company intention, Staff dedication and Customers happiness. Playing the leading role in the moving field in the Bay Area, Joy Moving has become the biggest, the most powerful and the most influential moving company with the best reputation among all the Chinese communities in the Bay Area after 8 years’ management since it was a small moving company with only one truck at the very beginning. At present, there are 21 trucks and more than 50 staff in Joy Moving.

In order to enlarge the business, Joy Moving set up a branch company in Seattle in 2015, the business of which covers many states and cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington state, Texas and Nevada state. Besides family moving, company moving and storage moving, Joy Moving also provides goods delivery service and storage services, meeting the customers’ moving and delivery needs one-stop.

The leading company in moving field in the Bay Area

At present, there are more than 300 moving companies in the Bay Area, most of which only has 1-3 trucks and some big companies may have 5-6 trucks. It is pretty difficult to find some moving companies which have more than 10 trucks among them, however Joy Moving has 21 trucks, being the well-deserved leader in the moving field of the Bay Area.

Careful and responsible after-sales service

Joy Moving does not only care about the whole process of the move, We also have a complete after-sales service rule. For each served customer, we will make a follow-up work to know the feedback about the moving activity and we also accept advice, proposals and requirements from the customers and take efficient measures for improvement and solution. Even though sometimes the goods may be damaged, it will be well dealt with so that our customers can finally get a satisfying result.

Complete working procedure and punishment rules

The management rules here are transparent. We know that to move for our customers fast and high efficiently, the first thing should be that our movers shall have professional skills. All the new movers will be trained by experienced and professional movers. And before working, the new movers have to be trained for at least half a year and finally get acknowledged by the master.

Joy Moving has more than 500 reviews on yelp, most of which are 5 stars. And all the reviews are LIKE our movers FAST, RELIABLE, EXTREMELY HIGH EFFICIENTLY.

All for the customers

Joy Moving always cares for the customers. The moving fee is calculated according to the work time and high efficiency means to save money for the customers. Our movers work by loading more and move fast and they are never lazy or work negatively which helps them get a lot of praise from our customers about their working attitude and efficiency.

Joy Moving adopts high standard packing techniques on the protection for furniture, goods, stair railing and wall surface, especially for expensive and big items, such as pianos, red wood furniture. Our movers are extremely careful when working.

In order to make our customers well-prepared for the move ahead of time and save the moving time and expense, we have posted many tips on our website to remind our customers to be well-prepared for the move ahead of time and to pack the small items in advance to save time.

If you are looking for the reliable movers, you’ve come to the right place. Joy Moving is the best company for you! Joy Moving has assisted in the relocation of thousands of homes and families. We only provide professional workers trained to assist you with any moving needs.